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Founder of Excelsior Capital, Brian Adams joins Jason Hartman today to discuss everything from millennials moving to the suburbs to the office market and how it’s changing post-pandemic. Public transportation is likely to continue its trend downward as the car will regain popularity in need for social distancing and health. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Millennials, it’s not all Brooklynn bars and avocado toast, now they are trending towards suburban areas. 

[7:00] Speaking on the logistical challenges of a vaccine for COVID-19

[9:15] What do you see for the office property market?

[11:30] Suburban offices have a better chance of surviving the pandemic than high-density urban areas.

[14:15] Companies moving more towards mothership and hub and spoke models. 

[15:15] Are any new deals going on in the office market?

[16:00] How far through this pandemic do you think we are?

[17:20] The fed and congress have been flooding the capital market system with liquidity. 

[21:45] Will the development of tech push non-techies into a need for UBI? 

[22:25] Discussing office reuse. 

[25:45] Inflation will more than likely hit back.

[27:00] While the supply chain might be lacking, the price of construction seems to be substantially lower.


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