The Commercial Investing Show

Mark Moss explains how to protect your purchasing power from the next economic crash and explains the convergence of political, technological, and economic cycles.

Key Takeaways:

[1:04] Leaving California for Puerto Rico

[3:08] Geography is less meaningful than ever before

[5:28] Historical cycles that repeat

[7:17] Types of cycles

[12:07] The swing back to decentralization

[17:24] Technology leads to deflation

[20:52] Monetary policy inflation vs technology deflation

[24:01] What will happen and what should we do?

[26:03] Central bank digital currencies

[29:20] All value is subjective

[31:50] US was founded to be decentralized

[33:10] Retaining purchasing power

[36:05] The importance of cash flow

[37:07] Weimar Republic residents thought they were rich

[38:37] Why the Paris Accord is a bad deal

[41:33] Consider living outside the US


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