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Paul Moore from Wellings Capital is your host again today on Commercial Investing and he shares the multiple benefits of mobile home park investing. Some of America‚Äôs most successful investors, such as Sam Zell and Warren Buffet, are in the mobile home park business as investors, builders and financiers. 

The benefit to you as an investor or operator in acquiring a mobile home park includes many opportunities to increase value. Paul reveals that collections during the pandemic were surprisingly good compared to a lot of other assets because of the partnership between parks and tenants. Did you know that mobile home parks have very low tenant turnover? Paul shares surprising statistics which show that 93-98% of mobile homes stay exactly where they were originally planted. It's a great supply and demand situation for mobile home park owners, so get involved now! 

Key Takeaways:

[0:46] Why Paul Moore loves mobile home park investing 

[1:39] How Paul got started in 1977

[2:40] America's most successful real estate investor, Sam Zell

[4:04] Blackstone owns well over a billion dollars of mobile home parks

[6:04] Mobile home parks are recession resistant

[9:18] Affordable housing crisis 

[10:47] Low tenant turnover

[12:19] Low maintenance and capital expenses


Mobile Home Park Investing Report:


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