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Jason Hartman talks with Nick Vertucci, author of Seven Figure Decisions and founder of NV Real Estate Academy, about Nick's journey through the real estate world after his tenure in the tech industry. Nick spills the details of his change and why he switched from selling and flipping to educating. The two discuss the downsides of real estate, but also the incredible rewards that can come if you stick with it, make decisions and keep moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

[3:03] Nick's journey from selling and flipping real estate to the education side

[9:32] Nick's first realization that he was making 7 figure decisions, and what true leaders all have in common

[12:35] Real estate isn't perfect, and it isn't easy, but it can bless you significantly

[16:16] Whether it's full or part time, have the entreprenuerial spirit and go create wealth

[18:08] Decision making is one of the most important things a successful person has to have


Seven Figure Decisions

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