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Jason Hartman is a real estate investment expert and has been involved in over 1,000 real estate transactions. Today on the Commercial Investing show he talks to an audience about real estate, his feelings on gold, and why you should stay away from bitcoin at this current time.


Key Takeaways:

3:00 – Jason doesn't invest for appreciation, but there has been some great appreciation last year. 

10:30 – What's great about property is that it is as a multidimensional asset class. 

13:40 – People have a hard time cutting loses, we try to make up for what we lost, but sometimes it's best to simply just let it go. 

16:00 – It's more expensive to be an owner, because it's more expensive to burrow now. 

18:50 -  Real estate is not very liquid, which means that it takes longer to crash than other markets.  In this segment Jason talks about why real estate is sticky. 

25:20 – A pastor once said to Jason, “We don't really own anything. We are just trustees from birth to death.”

28:30 – Jason has a hard time understand how you mine bitcoins and the whole concept of a virtual currency. 

35:15 – Jason thinks bitcoin will be outlawed soon. He thinks bankers will find away to stop it. When bitcoin is being used as currency in the stock market, that's when it's here to stay. 

38:44 – People can steal your money, your gold, but it's hard to steal your income property. 


41:20 – Gold is a pace-keeper,  it doesn't exceed your wealth. 

Mentioned in this episode


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