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David Porter is one of Jason Hartman's real estate clients. He has appeared on the podcast before many, many years ago to talk about his concept of the free lunch, which he also retouches on today in the podcast. David catches up with Jason and shares some of his real estate successes with the audience. 


Key Takeaways:

2:25 – Jason welcomes his guest, David Porter. 

4:50 – David bought his first home in Indianapolis in 2009 with Jason's company.

10:30 – David talks a little bit about his background in shipping and fiance. 

16:10 – It's so hard to predict where stocks are going to go versus owning real estate. 

19:00 – David took advantage of his ability to borrow and invested the money in real estate. 

24:35 – David explains a bit more about what his shipping company does. 

28:00 – Jason talks a little bit about China's economy. 

32:45 – The one thing that has saved the United States is the fact that we have the ability to print unlimited amounts of money. 

40:00 – Jason and David talk about the cool things that are happening right now in the technology sector. 

45:00 – David's friends are shocked that he's purchased properties he's never seen. 

48:45 – David explains the metric he came up with called, 'Free Lunch'. 

55:15 – David has made over a million dollars in appreciation. 


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