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Today’s Commercial Investing Show guest is Mark Meckler. He co-founded the Tea Party Patriots and is also an author. On the show, Mark talks about his organization, self-governance, and why people hate the Tea Party movement so much.


Key Takeaways:

02.05 – Jason introduces Mark Meckler.

04.00 – The Tea Party was founded in 2009.

06.03 – Why is the Tea Party hated so much?

18.10 – What is an amendment convention? Mark explains.

20.33 – Congress passes board enabling acts and the regulators actually do the legislating. Mark and others are working towards stopping this.

26.15 – Elections are not enough, but with that said, we still need to vote.

29.08 – Would Texas become the Hong Kong of the United States?

31.57 – Remember, the larger the government, the smaller the citizen.


Mentioned In this Episode:

The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin.

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