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Jason Hartman talks to his audience without a guest today and brings up a couple of interesting topics. He first tells the audience that he may be moving back to California for tax purposes and why he loves to be a renter. On the show, he talks a lot about the San Diego real estate market as well as why Bitcoin is a bad investment. He also shares his thoughts on the Houston and North Dakota real estate market and more on today's CI show. 


Key Takeaways:

5:15 – Jason is eligible to get a tax reduction simply by moving to California. 

7:10 – Despite being a real estate investor, Jason loves being a renter. 

13:40 – Jason was right about Bitcoin dropping to $200. 

17:10 – Jason does the math on the properties he's found so far in San Diego. 

21:40 – There will be lay-offs in Houston, which means the rental market will be moving. 

26:50 – The stock market doesn't even come close to income property. 

30:30 – Jason touches once more on the Bitcoin subject 

34:10 – Jason talks about some of his other podcast shows that he hosts. 

36:00 – Go to the iTunes store and type Jason Hartman to find more of his shows.


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