The Commercial Investing Show

Jason Hartman talks with his client Greg Scott, a real estate investor living in Detroit and employee at Ford, about the current state of the Detroit real estate market, whether it might actually be a GOOD investment now, the future of self driving cars and more.

Key Takeaways:

[4:09] Where Greg currently owns rental properties

[6:29] The peak of metro Detroit's population and what's going on right now that might be making the population grow again

[8:37] One of Detroit's suburbs is actually the 11th wealthiest county in the USA

[10:53] Some demographic trends in Detroit

[12:40] Why Greg is the most optimistic about the future of Detroit than he's been in his entire life

[17:12] Some areas of Detroit that go along with the automotive industry and some that don't

[19:40] Greg's road to preparing to do multifamily investing in Detroit

[24:27] What Greg does for Ford

[27:57] How quickly we're approaching self driving cars and the new city built to be a self driving car test ground

[30:15] How self driving cars can change the landscape of cities

[33:45] If cars didn't need parking spots, what would we do with the 40% of the city that's currently being used for parking

[36:25] If Greg would buy any of the $1 houses in Detroit

[39:10] Greg's investing history and why he doesn't do the stock market anymore

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