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Dr. Robert Johnson is the President and CEO of American College. He's written Invest with the Fed: Maximizing Your Portfolio Performance by Following Federal Reserve Policy, Strategic Value Investing and the study What to Expect When You’re Electing. Jason Hartman talks with Dr Johnson about thinking long term while investing in the stock market, how the stock market performs when one party holds the Congress and Presidency, and how interest rate fluctuations impact different asset classes.

Key Takeaways:

[3:08] Huge reforms are on the way with the Republican party controlling two branches of the government

[6:34] Invest with the Fed looked at how interest rates impacted asset/equity class performance

[9:22] Stock market growth is higher under Democratic presidents and/or when there's political harmony

[12:00] Long-term perspectives highlight that the economy and the stock market move together.

[14:40] The best strategy for your portfolio

[16:19] How equity REITs perform when interest rates rise

[18:14] Will the cost of small business financing go up under a Trump administration?

[21:00] Is now the time to be a contrarian?


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