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Chris Cabanillas is the owner of Cabanillas Law Firm and knows the ins and outs of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut foreclosure law. He is considered an expert in the fields of foreclosure and shadow inventory and shares some great tips and insights on these two main subjects with Jason and his listeners. Chris also explains how to properly hire a defense attorney, things to look out for when fighting foreclosure, and more. 


Key Takeaways

5:00 – There was a lot of flaws in how foreclosures were being processed that now you require an attorney to double check documentation and make sure everything is legally abiding. 

8:35 – Statistics in New York show that only 5% of homeowners who were facing foreclosure actually went to court to try and fight the case.

11:00 – Chris's firm practices law in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

15:20 – Chris gives some fantastic advice on how to handle foreclosure. 

19:20 – You get a better deal from a short sale because there's more of a personal human factor to it. 

23:00 – Know your defense attorney well. Chris says you should meet him or her in person before you do business with them. 

26:55 – Chris is dealing with higher priced markets, which doesn't reflect the markets in other places like the mid-west and south within the US. 

29:00 – There's a lot of foreign investment in Manhattan and other places from people in Europe, Russia, Asia, etc who want to park their money in the US. 


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