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Jeff Macke was one of the original cast members for CNBC's Fast Money and is currently the host of the show Breakout, which is featured on Yahoo Finance. Jeff is a published author and talks about his book, Clash of the Financial Pundits, on the show with Jason today. Sit down with Jason and Jeff and learn about some interesting doomsday theories as well as currency inflation/deflation predictions. 


Key Takeaways:

3:25 – Jason loves services like because he can stay at hotels for half of the price. 

8:45 – Highly skilled workers like investment bankers are becoming Uber drivers because it's difficult to find a job in today's economy. 

11:30 – Jeff thinks that there are actually plenty of jobs available, just these jobs happen to be  not what people want. 

13:00 – Jason talks a little bit about why he is excited about the self-driving car.

16:30 – Jeff believes that the stock market is still unstable. It's a lot more stable in today's time, but he still feels a bit nervous about it. 

19:32 – Jeff has mixed feelings about whether our currency will inflate or deflate. 

22:10 – Jason talks about the importance of preparing for both inflation/deflation currency outcomes. He explains a bit about how you can achieve this in this segment. 

24:25 – Remember that economics is a social science. You have to see what works and what doesn't. 


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