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Key Takeaways:

2:40 – Jerry talks a little bit about his book Bankruptcy of Our Nation. 

7:00 – Jerry compares 2014 with 1914. 

14:17 – Jerry asks an important question, how can you fiance the foreign policy without the federal reserve? 

20:45 – People expect a certain level of economic standard and for those standards, values, and prices to keep raising. 

26:30 – The interest rates are so low right now that it's distorting the market place and making things harder to predict. 

30:30 - Countries are moving away from using oil for dollars and dollars for oil.

39:10 – The US is trading with only a select amount of counties and we're seeing that both Russia and China are picking up the slack and trading with everyone else. 

45:10 – Jerry talks about the 5 Levels of Financial Freedom program that he teaches on his website. 

52:00 – Remember, if you're a real estate investor, your tenants pay your mortgage debt off for you. 


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Bankruptcy of our Nation by Jerry Robinson 

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