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Tim Carney has been a senior political columnist for the Washington Examiner since 2010. He is an experienced journalist with over a decade of experience in the fields of politics and economics. He sits down with Jason today on the Commercial Investing show to talk about regulation, lobbyists, and his book entitled Obamanomics. 


Key Takeaways:

3:10 – Left and right politics is like a big wrestling match – it's fake. 

6:20 – Who represents the little guy in business? 

10:20 – Regulation makes it harder for small business to start up. 

11:40 – What are some actions steps we can take? Tim explains in this segment. 

14:20 – The lobbyists aren't the problem, it's the incentives that the lobbying industry creates that causes problems. 

18:16 – Why aren't lobbyist meetings recorded? Congress meetings are. 

19:40 – Tim talks about Obama and a little bit about Tim's book entitled Obamanomics. 

22:10 – Tim believes people will be able to live their own lives without being dependent on big companies and company monopolies. 

23:10 – If innovation and experimentation are allowed then the economy and new businesses will do well. 


Mentioned In This Episode:


Obamanomics by Timothy Carney. 

The Big Ripoff by Timothy Carney.


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