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On today's Commercial Investing episode, Jason interviews foreclosure defense attorney, Chris Cabanillas from Cabanillas Law. Chris started his own law firm in 2006 and focuses most of his practice on mortgage loan modifications, foreclosure defense, and other real estate issues. Chris sits down with Jason and shares some wisdom about why foreclosures take a while to process and some of the action steps you can take if you're facing foreclosure. 


Key Takeaways

3:50 – Somebody could be in default for thousands of days.

7:15 – One of the reasons why judicial foreclosure takes so long is because of documentation problems. 

9:40 – What's Chris's thoughts on shadow inventory? 

14:30 – What should you do if you're facing foreclosure? Chris explains. 

20:40 – What's the best way to pay for a foreclosure attorney? 

27:10 – The housing marketing is very diverse, so this advice may not apply to everyone. 

29:08 – Property prices are shooting up in Manhattan because of foreign investment. 


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