The Commercial Investing Show

Kenneth Brown has been a real estate broker for the past 25 years and his team has bought and sold over $1 Billion Dollar in Commercial Real Estate. Ken holds the prestigious CCIM designation (Certified Commercial Investment Member), the highest designation in commercial real estate one can achieve.

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] The start of Ken's real estate journey

[5:08] Ken walks you through his first commercial transaction

[7:32] How Ken found his first deal (and it wasn't through a listing)

[9:04] How little Ken had to raise rent on his storage units to drastically increase the value of the facility

[11:57] Whether there are still deals for the mom and pop investor in storage facilities

[14:12] The word that best describes the search for a storage unit deal

[15:32] What you should know about triple net leases and why it would be attractive to investors

[17:45] How you can use triple net deals to make 12-18% cash on cash return

[20:20] Where a new investor without much money can find investors rather easily

[21:15] Where you can find triple net deals

[23:27] The typical structure of a triple net deal

[25:44] Picking which asset class to be in

[28:08] What happens with your triple net lease if the big companies (like Circuit City and Barnes & Noble) go under

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