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It might look like a children's book, but Goodnight Obama is more than just that. It's an important reminder that parody is critical in this day and age.

Dr Jerome Corsi is author of Goodnight Obama, and is also head of the Washington, DC News Bureau for Alex Jones and The two discuss his newest book, as well as what Jerome is expecting out of President Trump, and where we are in the business cycle.

Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Why Jerome wrote Goodnight Obama

[6:41] Are Trump voters going to be pleasantly surprised when they realize what he's doing in office?

[17:30] Trump's version of "infrastructure spending" isn't the usual stuff that liberals think

[21:46] According to the idea of business cycles we're due for a recession. Is it going to hit Trump, will he avoid it, or is the idea of a business cycle outdated?

[24:23] The return of the USA to a carbon based economy



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