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Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Stu Silver, The Mobile Home Man, regarding his mobile home and mobile home park investing strategies.  Learn the do’s and don'ts about investing, how to protect yourself from being taken advantage of, to know when you’re getting a good deal, and even how to inspect your mobile home to [...]
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Do you want to know the secrets of living longer?  Join Jason Hartman on this episode of Holistic Survival as he interviews Leslie Martin, Ph.D. and Howard Friedman, Ph.D., authors of “The Longevity Project.”  Find out who lives longest and why.  The answers may surprise you! Visit: HOWARD S. FRIEDMAN is Distinguished Professor at [...]
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Jason welcomes his friend and mobile home investing guru, Corey, to this episode of The Commercial Investing Show. Visit: Adding another entry to our favorite success stories, Corey started his real estate investing career in 1993 by selling his jet ski to raise enough money for a down payment on his first deal. Since [...]
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CI 28 - Commercial Financing

In this episode, Jason talks with Liz Fendly of Allied Financial regarding commercial financing. Visit:
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CI 27 - ROTH IRA Changes - Bypass Tough Lending Regulations - Invest in Real Estate Using Your IRA / 401k

The lending regulations have changed drastically within the past two years, causing investors quite a head ache when attempting to buy America’s most tax-favored investment, income properties. With a self-directed IRA or real estate IRA you can be in control by investing your retirement funds when, where, and how you want. On this episode of The Creating Wealth Show [...]
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CI 26 - The Apartment Owners Association

On this episode, Jason talks with Jeff Conrod of the Apartment Owners Association. Visit:
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CI 25 - Self Storage Investing

Jason talks with Scott Meyers, CSSM©, the nation’s one and only self storage millionaire maker. Scott's company focuses solely on buying and selling self storage facilities, that’s it. At the present time, he owns and operates several facilities throughout Central Indiana. Listen in at: As a leading self storage educator, he travels the country [...]
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CI 24 - Adding Value

Listen in as Jason talks with Tim and Marisa about adding value to a property. Visit:
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CI 23 - Maximizing The Purchase

Jason talks with Tim about how to maximize the purchase of a commercial property. Visit:
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CI 22 - Intro to Commercial Real Estate and Getting Your Spouse Into Investing

Jason talks with commercial real estate expert Tolliver Morris and one of Platinum’s clients turned Investment Counselor, Dave Toombs. Visit: Commercial real estate: A review of product types and their corresponding tenant profiles. What is best for you and what are the management responsibilities of; apartments, retail, office, industrial, triple net NNN properties, medical [...]
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