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David Porter is one of Jason Hartman's real estate clients. He has appeared on the podcast before many, many years ago to talk about his concept of the free lunch, which he also retouches on today in the podcast. David catches up with Jason and shares some of his real estate successes with the audience. 


Key Takeaways:

2:25 – Jason welcomes his guest, David Porter. 

4:50 – David bought his first home in Indianapolis in 2009 with Jason's company.

10:30 – David talks a little bit about his background in shipping and fiance. 

16:10 – It's so hard to predict where stocks are going to go versus owning real estate. 

19:00 – David took advantage of his ability to borrow and invested the money in real estate. 

24:35 – David explains a bit more about what his shipping company does. 

28:00 – Jason talks a little bit about China's economy. 

32:45 – The one thing that has saved the United States is the fact that we have the ability to print unlimited amounts of money. 

40:00 – Jason and David talk about the cool things that are happening right now in the technology sector. 

45:00 – David's friends are shocked that he's purchased properties he's never seen. 

48:45 – David explains the metric he came up with called, 'Free Lunch'. 

55:15 – David has made over a million dollars in appreciation. 


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David Porter's first interview -

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Mark Faulk is an avid activist who is against financial fraud and corruption. He co-produced the documentary The Wall Street Conspiracy and joins Jason on the show today. Jason and Mark sit down to talk about the United States, Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, the U.S's ever increasing police force, and what this all means for the future. 


Key Takeaways:

3:00 – Congress already knew Wall Street was corrupt before the 2008 financial collapse. 

7:56 – Wall Street has been corrupt since the year 2000, at least. Mark explains more about this in this segment. 

15:15 – Goldman Sachs own the politicians and Wall Street owns the process. 

18:20 – One of the scams Wall Street does is it run stocks through multiple companies so the stock owner will never know if the stock is legit or not.  

20:50 – People have to raise up if they want to see change. 

23:10 – Cops look so militarized in the US, but why? Mark says it's all about control. 

25:20 – These big companies don't care about the economy, they just want to grab as much money as they can. 

27:35 – A lot more people know about the Wall Street scams and monopolies that are going on today than 7-10 years ago. 

29:10 – Mark talks about his documentary, The Wall Street Conspiracy, and where people can find more. 


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The Wall Street Conspiracy a film by Mark Faulk

The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

The Naked Truth by Mark Faulk

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Tim Carney has been a senior political columnist for the Washington Examiner since 2010. He is an experienced journalist with over a decade of experience in the fields of politics and economics. He sits down with Jason today on the Commercial Investing show to talk about regulation, lobbyists, and his book entitled Obamanomics. 


Key Takeaways:

3:10 – Left and right politics is like a big wrestling match – it's fake. 

6:20 – Who represents the little guy in business? 

10:20 – Regulation makes it harder for small business to start up. 

11:40 – What are some actions steps we can take? Tim explains in this segment. 

14:20 – The lobbyists aren't the problem, it's the incentives that the lobbying industry creates that causes problems. 

18:16 – Why aren't lobbyist meetings recorded? Congress meetings are. 

19:40 – Tim talks about Obama and a little bit about Tim's book entitled Obamanomics. 

22:10 – Tim believes people will be able to live their own lives without being dependent on big companies and company monopolies. 

23:10 – If innovation and experimentation are allowed then the economy and new businesses will do well. 


Mentioned In This Episode:


Obamanomics by Timothy Carney. 

The Big Ripoff by Timothy Carney.


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Key Takeaways:

2:40 – Jerry talks a little bit about his book Bankruptcy of Our Nation. 

7:00 – Jerry compares 2014 with 1914. 

14:17 – Jerry asks an important question, how can you fiance the foreign policy without the federal reserve? 

20:45 – People expect a certain level of economic standard and for those standards, values, and prices to keep raising. 

26:30 – The interest rates are so low right now that it's distorting the market place and making things harder to predict. 

30:30 - Countries are moving away from using oil for dollars and dollars for oil.

39:10 – The US is trading with only a select amount of counties and we're seeing that both Russia and China are picking up the slack and trading with everyone else. 

45:10 – Jerry talks about the 5 Levels of Financial Freedom program that he teaches on his website. 

52:00 – Remember, if you're a real estate investor, your tenants pay your mortgage debt off for you. 


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Bankruptcy of our Nation by Jerry Robinson 

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Jeff Macke was one of the original cast members for CNBC's Fast Money and is currently the host of the show Breakout, which is featured on Yahoo Finance. Jeff is a published author and talks about his book, Clash of the Financial Pundits, on the show with Jason today. Sit down with Jason and Jeff and learn about some interesting doomsday theories as well as currency inflation/deflation predictions. 


Key Takeaways:

3:25 – Jason loves services like because he can stay at hotels for half of the price. 

8:45 – Highly skilled workers like investment bankers are becoming Uber drivers because it's difficult to find a job in today's economy. 

11:30 – Jeff thinks that there are actually plenty of jobs available, just these jobs happen to be  not what people want. 

13:00 – Jason talks a little bit about why he is excited about the self-driving car.

16:30 – Jeff believes that the stock market is still unstable. It's a lot more stable in today's time, but he still feels a bit nervous about it. 

19:32 – Jeff has mixed feelings about whether our currency will inflate or deflate. 

22:10 – Jason talks about the importance of preparing for both inflation/deflation currency outcomes. He explains a bit about how you can achieve this in this segment. 

24:25 – Remember that economics is a social science. You have to see what works and what doesn't. 


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