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On today's Commercial Investing episode, Jason interviews foreclosure defense attorney, Chris Cabanillas from Cabanillas Law. Chris started his own law firm in 2006 and focuses most of his practice on mortgage loan modifications, foreclosure defense, and other real estate issues. Chris sits down with Jason and shares some wisdom about why foreclosures take a while to process and some of the action steps you can take if you're facing foreclosure. 


Key Takeaways

3:50 – Somebody could be in default for thousands of days.

7:15 – One of the reasons why judicial foreclosure takes so long is because of documentation problems. 

9:40 – What's Chris's thoughts on shadow inventory? 

14:30 – What should you do if you're facing foreclosure? Chris explains. 

20:40 – What's the best way to pay for a foreclosure attorney? 

27:10 – The housing marketing is very diverse, so this advice may not apply to everyone. 

29:08 – Property prices are shooting up in Manhattan because of foreign investment. 


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Jason Hartman talks to his audience without a guest today and brings up a couple of interesting topics. He first tells the audience that he may be moving back to California for tax purposes and why he loves to be a renter. On the show, he talks a lot about the San Diego real estate market as well as why Bitcoin is a bad investment. He also shares his thoughts on the Houston and North Dakota real estate market and more on today's CI show. 


Key Takeaways:

5:15 – Jason is eligible to get a tax reduction simply by moving to California. 

7:10 – Despite being a real estate investor, Jason loves being a renter. 

13:40 – Jason was right about Bitcoin dropping to $200. 

17:10 – Jason does the math on the properties he's found so far in San Diego. 

21:40 – There will be lay-offs in Houston, which means the rental market will be moving. 

26:50 – The stock market doesn't even come close to income property. 

30:30 – Jason touches once more on the Bitcoin subject 

34:10 – Jason talks about some of his other podcast shows that he hosts. 

36:00 – Go to the iTunes store and type Jason Hartman to find more of his shows.


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Ashlea Ebeling is an editor for Forbes Magazine and is a tax expert. She wrote a shocking article for Forbes about New York having a 164% marginal tax. She explains how this happened as well as shares tips on how you can become sheltered from estate taxes. On the show, Jason and Ashlea talk about where is the best place to die in the US, inheritance taxes in different states, and more. 


Key Takeaways:

2:35 – How is it possible New York has a 164% marginal tax? 

5:00 – You have an exemption of up to $5.42 million dollars for estate taxes in New York. 

6:55 – You need to look at the whole tax picture before moving to a state – income, sales, property, estate taxes, and more. 

8:40 – There are four big ways you can get around estate taxes. Ashlea explains. 

10:45 – Check out the for tax info specific to your state. 

13:10  - Ashlea talks about the percentages of inheritance tax in various states around the nation. 

15:45 – Is a Roth IRA a good idea? 

19:45 – 2015 has a lot of new tax laws that you need to be careful about. 

21:00 – You may have delayed tax refunds because of the new laws taking place. 


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