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Jason Hartman does another client case study with Lisa, and today is all about metrics. Lisa has seen the Pro Formas available on Jason's website but wants to know which lines are the most important to be looking at when evaluating a property. Then Jason and Lisa move on to self-management and some ways to find a handy man that are outside the norm.

Key Takeaways:

[2:56] The 3-5 things Jason looks at first in the Pro Forma

[8:47] The very first thing you need to do when looking at any Pro Forma is checking the assumptions

[12:09] Don't forget to watch and re-watch the 27 minute video that goes over the Pro Forma line by line

[13:07] How Lisa used Lowe's to find a handy man

[17:02] Why Jason's so excited about his new Empowered Investing Network

[18:50] What to do for Financial Freedom month (coming this July)


Quick Start Podcast

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Jason Hartman talks with Andrew Rybczynski, Senior Consultant at CoStar Portfolio Strategy, about what is happening on the construction side of both single family and multifamily properties. The tight labor market is causing unit completion to slow significantly, but there are a massive number of units being started. The two look at the impact of more millennials living at home on the shadow demand for apartments and whether renter demographics are still looking good.

Key Takeaways:

[1:27] We're seeing a lot of construction all around the country, what's the supply/demand outlook?

[5:07] How much are construction costs going up?

[9:07] We're not building single family homes as much as we used to

[11:50] About 32% of adults 18-34 are living with their parents

[15:02] Looking at the spread between an apartment cap rate and a triple B bond

[18:57] How Andrew views renter demographics over the next 10 years


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Jason Hartman talks with Tal Tsfany, President & CEO of the Ayn Rand Institute, about free speech on college campuses, how we should be defining things like happiness and selfishness, and why we should be focusing on the self. They also examine the philosophies of those who want to tax the rich in order to redistribute wealth.

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] What's happening with speech on college campuses is a result of progressive philosophies

[4:33] What would Ayn Rand's political views be in today's world?

[8:12] Ayn Rand's definition of happiness

[11:40] Love is a goal or value that you pursue. It's a spiritual trade

[15:37] Ayn's definition of selfishness

[19:35] Berkley students in the 60s were reading Ayn Rand to be cool, but not following through on the axioms


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Jason Hartman talks with Doug about why there's been a decline in inventory and what shortages are abound in the housing market. In examining several videos about the housing market and economy, Jason and Doug also look at what impact privatizing mortgages could have and housing affordability in Canada.

Key Takeaways:

[4:22] The big housing shortage is not in McMansions, it's in the 100k range

[7:48] The problem with waiting for the next recession

[12:39] Inventory has declined, which has caused upward pressure on prices

[18:59] When large developers start building an area, they have to keep the sales going in order to make money, so prices can fluctuate

[22:55] The potential impact of privatizing is a prevention of markets overheating


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