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Jason Hartman talks with Paul Moore about what's going on in the world of self-storage. The pandemic has made the market boom and there's a lot of opportunity out there to add value and really increase the return you get from the property.

Listen in as Paul gives tips to maximize value in both self-storage and mobile home parks, as well as what asset class he's most bullish on for the next century.

Key Takeaways:

[2:16] The opportunities for self-storage in a pandemic/post-pandemic world

[8:34] For the next 100 years Paul loves apartments, but for the next 5-10 years, self-storage is tops

[11:57] Value adds available in self-storage facilities

[17:30] How do you find self-storage deals?

[22:13] Mobile home parks are the only asset class Paul knows that has increasing demand and decreasing supply every year


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Jason Hartman talks with Jarrett Gross about 3D printed homes. How close to reality are they? Can you really get them for $10,000? Will it completely disrupt the housing market?

The two look at the issues hampering the adoption of the technology, how far off the solutions to those may be, how the technology will impact the overall real estate landscape and more.

Key Takeaways:

[3:09] The $10,000 printed home is a myth

[9:30] What do 3D printed homes mean to the real estate industry?

[13:13] Google search trends for 3D printing have held a sustained spike recently

[16:22] One Colorado company is making 3D printed mud huts that are surprisingly strong and surprisingly cheap

[23:05] Many builders tent their build to better the quality

[28:56] 3D printing could be important to building in space

[33:26] How far off are commercially viable homes?

[36:46] There are 2 components to every real estate deal


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