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Mark Moss explains how to protect your purchasing power from the next economic crash and explains the convergence of political, technological, and economic cycles.

Key Takeaways:

[1:04] Leaving California for Puerto Rico

[3:08] Geography is less meaningful than ever before

[5:28] Historical cycles that repeat

[7:17] Types of cycles

[12:07] The swing back to decentralization

[17:24] Technology leads to deflation

[20:52] Monetary policy inflation vs technology deflation

[24:01] What will happen and what should we do?

[26:03] Central bank digital currencies

[29:20] All value is subjective

[31:50] US was founded to be decentralized

[33:10] Retaining purchasing power

[36:05] The importance of cash flow

[37:07] Weimar Republic residents thought they were rich

[38:37] Why the Paris Accord is a bad deal

[41:33] Consider living outside the US


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Paul Moore, founder and managing partner of Wellings Capital, steps in for Jason Hartman today to talk about self storage and why it’s so popular right now. Self storage has done remarkably well through the pandemic and Paul will take you through the underlying fundamentals that drive self storage and why it captures inflation better than any other real estate asset class.

Key Takeaways:

0:45 What’s driving the boom in self storage?

2:22 Four Ds of self storage: death, downsizing, dislocation, divorce

4:32 Self storage facilities in the United States

4:57 The value formula in commercial real estate deals and value adds

6:59 Self storage is recession resistant

8:35 Self storage is an inflation capturer

10:08 Dynamic pricing and ancillary income

11:50 Additional value adds: boat and RV storage, truck leasing 

14:19 Flexible lease terms lead to easy evictions

14:30 Institutional investors are running after self storage right now



Paul Moore’s Latest Book:

Storing Up Profits: Capitalize on America's Obsession with STUFF by Investing in Self-Storage


Self storage captures inflation better than any other real estate asset class. Paul Moore

Self storage is recession-resistant. Paul Moore


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