The Commercial Investing Show

Jason Hartman shares some very vital information that he's learned over the years about construction costs on the Commercial Investing show. He shows the audience how you can figure out what the house is worth, talks about different square foot pricing across the United States, and more. 


Key Takeaways:

3:15 – Jason wants to talk to his audience today about construction costs. 

7:10 – Jason breaks down the cost per square foot in the various regions in the United States. 

11:00 – Jason tells you how you can figure out the land value. 

15:20 – Older homes may be built with a little more care, but newer homes are built with more technology. 

18:15 – If you go to you can see some lucky deals you can get on houses. 

19:30 – Jason explains why it's important to know the land value and the improvement costs. 

23:15 – You can find more information on this subject on Jason's YouTube channel. 


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