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Matt Faircloth, of DeRosa Group, and author of Raising Private Capital, joins Jason Hartman today to share some of his stories as a landlord. Find out how Matt went from duplex to 20 units in a garden-style apartment. As well, Matt shares his success with collecting rent while the media was posting about rent strikes. 

Key Takeaways:

Matt Faircloth

[1:45] Are rent strikes as bad as the media has made them out to be?

[3:50] In many cases, the rent that a tenant pays is not going completely and directly into the landlord's pocket.

[6:00] The way in which money is changing makes you have to understand what comes after a trillion. 

[6:45] How did you take a duplex and turn it into 20 units?

[11:00] Because of COVID-19, the innovation and integration of technology with real estate have amplified. 

[15:00] Will we see a state secede from the union in our lifetime?


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