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Chris Cabanillas is the owner of Cabanillas Law Firm and knows the ins and outs of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut foreclosure law. He is considered an expert in the fields of foreclosure and shadow inventory and shares some great tips and insights on these two main subjects with Jason and his listeners. Chris also explains how to properly hire a defense attorney, things to look out for when fighting foreclosure, and more. 


Key Takeaways

5:00 – There was a lot of flaws in how foreclosures were being processed that now you require an attorney to double check documentation and make sure everything is legally abiding. 

8:35 – Statistics in New York show that only 5% of homeowners who were facing foreclosure actually went to court to try and fight the case.

11:00 – Chris's firm practices law in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

15:20 – Chris gives some fantastic advice on how to handle foreclosure. 

19:20 – You get a better deal from a short sale because there's more of a personal human factor to it. 

23:00 – Know your defense attorney well. Chris says you should meet him or her in person before you do business with them. 

26:55 – Chris is dealing with higher priced markets, which doesn't reflect the markets in other places like the mid-west and south within the US. 

29:00 – There's a lot of foreign investment in Manhattan and other places from people in Europe, Russia, Asia, etc who want to park their money in the US. 


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Jason Hartman is a real estate investment expert and has been involved in over 1,000 real estate transactions. Today on the Commercial Investing show he talks to an audience about real estate, his feelings on gold, and why you should stay away from bitcoin at this current time.


Key Takeaways:

3:00 – Jason doesn't invest for appreciation, but there has been some great appreciation last year. 

10:30 – What's great about property is that it is as a multidimensional asset class. 

13:40 – People have a hard time cutting loses, we try to make up for what we lost, but sometimes it's best to simply just let it go. 

16:00 – It's more expensive to be an owner, because it's more expensive to burrow now. 

18:50 -  Real estate is not very liquid, which means that it takes longer to crash than other markets.  In this segment Jason talks about why real estate is sticky. 

25:20 – A pastor once said to Jason, “We don't really own anything. We are just trustees from birth to death.”

28:30 – Jason has a hard time understand how you mine bitcoins and the whole concept of a virtual currency. 

35:15 – Jason thinks bitcoin will be outlawed soon. He thinks bankers will find away to stop it. When bitcoin is being used as currency in the stock market, that's when it's here to stay. 

38:44 – People can steal your money, your gold, but it's hard to steal your income property. 


41:20 – Gold is a pace-keeper,  it doesn't exceed your wealth. 

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The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson

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Joe Fairless's is a real estate guru and helps others learn the ropes of the trade on his podcast. He currently owns over $7 million dollars worth of real estate and personally believes it's his life purpose to help others succeed in real estate investing too. Fun fact, he also loves flag football! Joe sits down with Jason to talk a little bit about his life story and how he was able to raise a million dollars in investor money on his first big deal. 


Key Takeaways:

6:25 – His original plan was to raise 300k in investor money, but he found a great propriety and raised $1.3 million instead. Joe had to take a big mental leap in making that purchase. 

9:27 – With this multimillion dollar deal, Joe arranged that the master lease payment be equal to the mortgage payment, so he could be smarter with how he paid it off. 

13:50 – With Joe's marketing background, he mapped out all of the networks he was apart of and found people who would want to invest. 

19:20 – Half of Joe's investors had never invested in real estate before. 

22:50 – How did Joe get the seller's trust? He explains in this segment. 


28:45 – Being successful in real estate requires creativity, leverage, and relationships. Help others get what they want before they help you. 


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